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Maris Recruitment Ltd's mission is to provide high standards of service to our Clients, Candidates and Partners.
We as Company, strongly believe that we can accomplish with that following:

Unshakeable Integrity
Of all the resources Maris brings to the personnel search process, the one most important to us and to our widespread clientele is our reputation for absolute honesty and integrity in all of our dealings. Every contract we sign carries with it our pledge of good faith and fair dealings in all matters. We consider ourselves extensions of the clients we serve and will do nothing to compromise that relationship.

Incredible Focus
Hospitality is all we do. In full belief that no recruitment firm can truly understand and expertly serve more than one industry, especially one as diverse and competitive as the world of hospitality, we focus all of our resources and energies on this single business. Maris Recruitment's professionals typically began their careers in hospitality - not as recruiters, but as  managers of hospitality properties, food and beverage. Our understanding of your wants and needs comes from inside the business, not outside.

Maris Recruitment Unparalleled Resources
When you're missing key personnel, you don't just want an ideal candidate, you want an ideal candidate NOW! Again, Global delivers. Our huge, proprietary database of qualified personnel, coupled with our Internet networks, close relationships with key personnel throughout the industry, and constant search for and enlistment of potential star-quality candidates put us weeks ahead from the very first day we initiate a search on your behalf.

Maris Recruitment Reach
A key to our success is our international reach. Maris Recruitment professionals cover the world with candidates, contacts and a history of successful placements on every continent. Our international ties to the hospitality industry mean fast, thorough searches, whether your needs are local, regional, national or international.

Real Results
Maris Recruitment delivers results, time after time, position after position. Operating on an exclusive basis with our clients, we put our reputation, our resources and our integrity on the line with every search we undertake. We earn the faith entrusted in us with a total commitment to producing not just acceptable, but exceptional results.