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Ship's Repairing

Maris Recruitment Ltd. (Bulgaria) provides technicians, Team or single workers for Ship Building / Repair Yards, capable to perform wide range of repair works and different surveys.
Our Candidates have Sufficient level of English that enable them to have a proper communication.
Furthermore, we are very keen to offer our expertise in providing experienced and qualified personnel in ships repairs (various type of main and auxiliary engines overhauling, steel works – repairs on deck, cargo holds, ship’s hull, tanks, as well as engine room, electrical works, monitoring and repairing of reefer containers).

We combine our expertise in international recruitment with our deep understanding of the markets  around the World and we harness this effectively in order to develop customized HR solutions for each of our clients.
Our staff put their knowledge and experience from both sea and shore based positions in practice towards offering competent and effective recruitment and ships services.

Maris Recruitment excels in gathering the most suitable candidates to form riding teams ready for action in due time and ready to travel all over the world in order to carry out maintenance, new buildings and repair projects for the clients. Each relationship we establish with a client grows into a successful partnership.

Our highly qualified and experienced repair teams consist but is not limited to the following:

  • * Stainless Steel Fitters with Welding Certificate
  • * Stainless Steel Welders with Welding Certificate
  • * Pipe-Fitters
  • * Engine-Fitters
  • * Electrician Fitters
  • * Electricians
  • * Insulators
  • * Steel-Platers
  • * Hydro blasters, Sandblasters
  • * Spay-Painters
  • * Carpenters
  • * Casual Workers, Cleaners, Helpers
  • * Plumbers
  • * Pool Workers

For more information or to apply you can contact us to