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Our Candidates

We supply educated, highly productive and adaptable workforce, with a strong safety culture, at a lower price and we promote zero
alcohol policy.

Advantages for choosing Romanian & Bulgarian tradespeople:

•Reliable, multi-skilled and hard-working people;
•Highly respondent compared to other nationalities;
•Highly adaptable to different work environments;
•Extensive abroad experience;
•Multi-ethnic integration;
•Religious and inter-ethnic tolerance;
•Highly adaptable to hot and Nordic temperatures;
•Mobility on short notice;
•Flexibility from long to short contracts;
•Good English language skills;
•Work visas are easy to obtain;
•Visa is not needed in the common EU market;
•Rapid procedure for US Visa procurance;
•Low flight costs;
•Facile connectivity to any other place in the world – rapid and reachable connections to Asian and American continents.